other toxin-producing micro-organisms have been regarded as the

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Uridrosis is the designation when the excretion from the sweat

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of the duration and of the general severity of the attack.

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Case 12. — The patient, a male, aged 20 years, was first

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and the adynamia is profotmd. The bacillus of Shiga is present in

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Diagnosis. — ^The features of this affection that serve to distinguish

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takes place and the consolidation is removed; if it remains incomplete,

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gastric pain, frequent but scanty urination, pus in the urine (pyuria),

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dilatation, locomotor ataxia, etc. Subacidity or hypochlorhydria

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been feeling well, but for five days there had been pain in

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boiled. A white deposit, which is not dissolved by the addition of

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on the first day coming out in crops. The lesions dry up within two

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delirium, the patient being unable to remain quiet. There also occur

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in the former case, and emphasises the asymmetry of the two

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A fifteen, twenty, or even thirty-grain dose of either of these drugs

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unite against the nostrum-monger with success, especially when,

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this disease. Furthermore, it should be borne in mind that the

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Hodgkin, the well-known pathologist, and first Curator of the

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The kidney must not be subjected to any downward hepatic

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" crisis " in which there is rapid inversion of the balance between the

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gut sutures along the anterior border of the liver. The parietal

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reported from India, Java, New Guinea, and the writer met with a

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Strangulation in hernia is attended by the same S3rmptoms as in-

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of the tubercle bacillus in the sputtun is conclusive evidence of the

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sugar-free, add 150 gm. of 5 per cent, vegetables, and continue to

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substance. The formation of such ethereal sulphates is impor-

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nidus, and a system of cess-pits in the endemic zone favours

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Duration. — ^Active congestion lasts from three to five dajrs, ter-

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or even necrosis of the tonsils, inflammatory infiltration of the

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ulceration (gumma). The mucous patches may be found on the

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that the patient should take nothing after the evening meal, and

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in some quite exceptional cases an incubation period of from two

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eight hours ; (b) or 60 grains of either of these salts may be given