is accompanied with loud wheezing, the face is flushed, at times
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with a pulse of only 80, and no opium had been administered.
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coughing, and for one month had noticed swelling of the
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regular, this double emptying of the auricle should result in
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the liquid is in the smaller bronchial tubes, the resulting rMe is called
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Bengal, and in Mauritius, well-defined occurrences have taken
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tom. Congestion of the digestive tract, enlargement of the spleen,
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Prognosis. — Mumps is very rarely fatal. The serious, though
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course of the disease in the bowel by way of the portal vein. When
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are: (i) That it begins on the inside of the cheek; (2) that it is almost
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into lactic acid, which in turn may be split into butyric acid,
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sclerosis, or (3) gumma. If a gumma or sclerosis affects the atuiculo-
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between America and Spain in 1898 the rule was to keep prisoners
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When jaundice is induced by obstruction to the outflow of bile
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brane {e.g,y the larynx and rectum) or in tissues near to a skin surface,
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bered that the hilum of the kidney is directed considerably
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engaged in sugar refining. So firmly has the connection between
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and serum tests. In the tuberculin Ust^ }i mgm. of old tuberculin
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wall. The lachrymal sac, which, when distended, measures
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the disease for three weeks after the subsidence of the acute symp-
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Any portion of the body may be attacked; its preference, however,
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plague than they are to notify a case to the authorities.
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in the intensity before and after treatment. The improvement, however,
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mortality being about 3 per cent. When death occurs, it usually
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purpose a good light should be obtained, and the patient be placed in
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ated, cleanse it with bichloride compresses and then use white
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process of hydrolysis anthrax and diphtheria bacilli and their pro-
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' Lecene and Chevason (_Rev. de Ckir., No. 2, 1907) have described small
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with bacillus coli cot?i/nums and sometimes with the pneumococcus
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throughout India, the Malay Peninsula, and the Archipelago that
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salvarsan has also been suggested. Prophylaxis consists in protec
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anaesthesia, he treats such cases. We venture to question whether this
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July 1907, the results of their experiments on this method of liberating
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The aperient treatment may be tried when ipecacuanha, quinine,
ventricle, certain nervous diseases, pregnancy, and poisoning by
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was a rapid spread of disease in the lungs, and he lost, during