Charcot-Leyden crystals, and represent molds ,^nn's spiS*, "A^ual

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being determined in part by the accessibility of the infective material

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upper pole turned towards the vertebral column, the convex

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devouring phagocytes, which are constantly on the alert for all " foreign "

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proportion to the degree of pyrexia. This, however, is only

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the spinal cord be experimentally divided in the mid-dorsal region,

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distinctive of scarlet fever. In children of delicate complexion it

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resulting fibrinous effusion, matting the parts together, may be so

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studies, or surroundings, with developing carelessness and negligence

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numbers of the muscle cells are destroyed. The dead tissue

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principal changes are found in the liver and kidneys. The former

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sound and the weakness of the impulse indicate impairment

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whole from side to side, resonant, but variable on percussion, and

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and in consolidation of the anterior border of the investing lung.

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Of these secondary infections by far the most common or most

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but in a short time the secretion is increased, giving the cough a loose

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in the urine, pus, and other secretions from parts affected with the

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sunken, the eyelids are but half closed, and the nose looks pinched


Anmnia is often a prominent feature of a rheumatic attack ; it

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at the apex of the left lung, and the whole of the remainder