sallow, emaciated, cachectic, and in the gravest cases hectic appears,
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leave little room for error or doubt. The snuffles may long precede
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the subjects of beri-beri, but with the exception of infants and octo-
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the attack be sudden (apoplectiform), unconsciousness with muscular
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disease, local and general, and t-o show how, in the course of such a
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few booklets in the dear fluid withdrawn is diagnostic. Jaundice,
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Children under puberty usually recover. More women than men
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Diagnosis. — Catarrhal bronchitis has many points of resemblance
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Causes. — ^Among the more important causes may be mentioned
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ing a solution- having a specific gravity of about 1059. A drop of
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Treatment — ^The systematic passage of the esophageal bougie
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in the United Kingdom. The poor and destitute are the principal
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ings favour the development of Oriental sore. All nationalities, both
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tion. Many patients are more or less run down and require tonics,
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-with convulsions showed continuance of the attacks, pre-
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compensation, but which materially lessened as compensation
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pigment and the like, are also taken up by them and carried from point
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the heart's action, hepatic, renal, and ptdmonary congestion, pulsa-
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by the application of poultices or turpentine stupes. Severe pain is
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proportion of cases are really cured by its administration even in
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face, back, and scrottmi. The tumors occur singly or in numbers; in
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pericardial or pleural adhesions, and when air is present in the peri-
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Drainage in Douglas's space, loin drainage not required.
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bilious material and later, almost pure water. The stools are fre-
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and camphor are the cardiac stimulants mostly in vogue. Carbonate
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it feels heavy, and the patient frequently complains of its
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pitted, and in rare cases the nails are replaced by a scaly, incrustation.
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cough, fever, prostration, and typhoid symptoms, terminating
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of clonic spasm and dyspncea. The mere occurrence of palsy of
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into the ventricles. The parietal layer (formerly known as the
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into the human body. The Pasteur Institute in Paris has elaborated
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Clinical Guide to their Diagnosis and Treatment (George E. Herman),
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may be used, but the corpuscles are apt to obscure the microscopical
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cavity at the left apex, with some surrounding consolidation,
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by imfavorable hygienic conditions, are more apt to perish than are
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On coming up to London in 1770 to finish his medical
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there may be retention or even suppression of urine. The latter
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Symptoms. — ^The manifestations of small-pox are preceded by an
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exertion, or it may occur paroxysmally. Orthopnea is observed in
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a hot fomentation, or sponge wrung out of hot water, may be