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are also diagnostic of the disease. Frequently the burrows are
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of peroxide of hydrogen, boric acid solution, or other mild antiseptics.
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for, if these cases are examined often enough, they will be
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to be sold. A tap would enable the vendor to retail the
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gerous wound -syringe which had been in common use up to that time (see
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of the ligament did not depend on the time elapsing since
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Sanderson). Extensive and fruitful as the consequences of this pro-
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efificient for the purpose of scarification. Complicated instruments
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formation. These changes are accompanied by chills, fever,
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but in severe cases the muscular wall is softened and the cavities
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arsenic should be used; in rheumatic persons, the alkalies and sali-
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experience, but Franklin ^^ records a recovery, and Bokai a
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in the lymph material when collected, it has been found that they
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Nor is this danger merely a theoretical one, for fatal cases
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Diagnosis. — The signs and symptoms stamp dysenter}', in the
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caution in prognosis in any case of infantile convulsions ; the
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Reports, Dr. Pye-Smith, himself not the least eminent among
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ascendency over his patients." " When Gull left the bedside
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been in the school for two years previously. It has always been claimed
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Typhoid Carriers. — ^The typhoid bacilli can live in the body
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febrile diseases to enable the body to feed upon itself, the
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loo to 200 or more, and somewhat compressible; the cough, which