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the patient is unable to turn in bed ; the prostration always increases as
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by means of a floating clot or other material which has become de-
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lessened resistance of the tissues at some point, or because of the pres-
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rectum, and it may be one of the changes in metastatic pyaemic inflamma-
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tive tissues, setting up an ulcerative process. There may be several
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condition. Slight dysphagia and impediment to full and deep inspirations,
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to the touch. The capsule is firm and opaque, and the seat of fibroid thick-
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not coffee-ground, and the vomited matters contain free hydrochloric acid.
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few days Avith a forty-grain solution of nitrate of silver. Constipation
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five grains of hydrate of chloral combined with one-twentieth of a grain of
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patient, the surface of the body becoming chilled. If the shock is due
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the diagnosis is not difficult. The j)resence of febrile excitement, marked
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III. Obstruction to the portal circulation, as in ciirhods, acute yellow
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poison is greatly diminished as soon as fresh, strong winds clear the atraos-
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ing of the pleural cavity, repair is accomplished by the rapid and abundant
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apparently recovering, they suddenly get worse, all their aggravating symp-
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difficult to determine the point at which the fracture occurred.
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violence. The diagnosis is easy. It is best treated by a palmar splint
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1 The presence of sewer-gas renders nearly every case fatal. — Quain.
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development of tubercular ulcers. (Edema from serous transudation within
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depending upon Bright's disease, scorbutus, purpura, ana?mia, etc. It
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ous debility which accompanies it, and its short uniform course are gener-
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they should not be allowed to come in contact with phthisical parents,
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violent, spasmodic, and paroxysmal. They radiate over the epigastric
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day or two the patient may pass into a state of collapse. The large in-
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Organic Stricture is usually the result of a chronic or neglected
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city of the cavities is only apparent— that it is the result of violent ven-
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continued or becomes permanent, a tumor develops in the lumbar region.
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preceded. It has no early distinctive symptoms. From an anatomical
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form may occur in gonorrhea, rheumatism, and influenza. It is attended
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Rest must be both functional and physiological; it may be obtained
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is manifested by a change in the color of the affected part, which becomes
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are liable to follow such retention. It is to be remembered that in typhus
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nature of which is obscure, but which resembles in its action narcotic
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0)1 section, the cut surface appears mottled, rarely uniformly red in
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trophy by there being no increase in the area of dulness, no change in
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istence of intestinal worms or their ova is their discovery in the stools or
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cirrhosis icifh ictertis," the fibrous formations are equally abundant, but
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sulphuric acids, arseniate of iron (gr. -^-^), ext. of belladonna or suljjhate
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eases or suppurating wounds. It sometimes follows abrasions where
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Etiology. — This disease is local in character. It may be brought on by
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tenderness over the ileo-cfecal region, the typhoid tongue, and the low mut-