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A diseased condition produced by substances not capable of

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however, by injecting horses with the filtrate of bouillon

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this stage of the disease may be early and and calls loudly for more careful study and

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in the extremities and back, succeeded by peculiar uneasy numb-

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of clima e because of the special risk which ^„„ es which must be endured by the

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compress or actually penetrate the walls of the vessels, caus-

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pamphlet, and it will be an immense gain to practical medicine

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of the asthenic or second stage of the malady, a change is demanded

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complained of blindness, and staggered in walking ; " was in-

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patients almost exclusively nourished upon an alcoholic diet for

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subject has engaged our particular attention, and without express-

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its motor apparatus. Simultaneous stimulation, especially with

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In this case there was an evident hereditary predisposition, as

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ence over the general circulation;" but a prior remark would

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teriology if the reaction is acid ; it develops poorly in alkiline

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ploy tiiemselves in this manner, find health be kept in bed for a few days and one or

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the orifice of the wound, and a distance of the skin around,

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has obtained similar good results in cases of tinea tonsurans,

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Dr. Cooper Curtice in the Bureau of Animal Industry which shows the

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appear for ten years or more. Whilst admitting that bromide of

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11. vScHUTz. A contribution to the subject of glanders. The

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quite himself again," and wishing to know whether he was to

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United States. By Thomas S. Powell, M. D., of Sparta, Georgia.

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circumstances, and with what success," says he, "I have not been

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ered in this country may be more definitely defined as follows.

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fixed, the breathing snatchy and stertorous. The pupils were

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dicated in cases of excessive general debility, or when there is a

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should be taken, in the process of cleaning and boiling, not to lose sight

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dried American fruit sent to me by Dr. Manlius Smith (see " The

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bth. — Better again; draughts ordered every second day as