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flabby feel quite apart from any dilatation of the pelvis.
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breaks may be followed by maniacal attacks or the condition known
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accompanies the parasitic affections and attends certain occupations.
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pick at the bed-dothing, the tongue become dry and cracked, and the
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The septic symptoms include pyrexia, which may be continuous,
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peristalsis was observed, together with the return of the enema
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urine, and Widal's serum test. This last depends on the fact that the
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I^. Hydrargyri flav. oxid gr. j to iij o. 065 to o. 2 gm.
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when they do recover a permanent condition of debility, general or
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the digestive tract, migrate toward the periphery, particularly the
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of chronic diseases of the skin, as ichthyosis, eczema, psoriasis, lepra,
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mission, neither do Syme's instructions convey the last word
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holders to procure boiled water for drinking, for washing utensils,
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It would appear to be endemic in most large towns and cities,
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are often h3rperesthetic) ; or (2) a condition of anesthesia, as shown
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of the syphilitic attack, and it may more properly be regarded as an
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of the stomach, and at the ninth or tenth rib of the left axillary
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ness. The patient feels and looks very ill. The face is turgid and
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combined, in small doses every two hours. Potassium iodide is also
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mucus contracts and becomes more dense if added to the same solu-
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(onychia). In regions which are always moist such as the perineum,
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of pain in gastralgia, but not in gastric ulcer and cancer.
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M. S. — ^A teaspoonful in a wineglassf ul of water, . to be used
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Neuralgia is the term applied to paroxysmal pain occurring along
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is also determined that the bacilli are destroyed by adds, and that
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is a different view from that of some older writers, who endeavoured to
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retained by lactose. I regard these lozenges or tablets as a
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not contagious and there is no ftmgus present in the scales.
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disease may be conveyed to exposed food by dust borne on
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already suffered from the disease in their childhood. Both sexes
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for two nights, and thirty hours later began with pneumonia.
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thereby of affording opportunity for other local infections, will in
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Association advise that isolation should be maintained for " not less
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in this position by the very pronounced lacing-liver, the furrow
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snake venom, and the state of the bile secretion probably has a distinct
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Pathology. — ^The disease is believed to be due primarily to some
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followed by very few symptoms, and jaundice is absent. It may give
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faces are ready for grafting. In order to obtain a healthy granulating
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had long been recovered from and become obsolete, and in many