to 2 gm.) to the pint, is the solution of selection. The patient
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to some other aflFection, but it also occurs as a primary condition.
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e.g,f the Protiodide {Hydrargyri lodidum Flavum) in doses of gr. }i
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Causes. — It may follow acute congestion or spinal meningitis,
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legs and thighs; the face is exempt except in nursing infants; the
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the tolerance is between 20 and 50 gm. carbohydrate, upon the weekly
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is only raised to 102° or 103°, there is generally sufficient local
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oedema of the right leg, for which no cause could be assigned,
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only trismus, the onset is sudden and complete, and the neck is not
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for the prevention of the pitting of the skin, which, especially after
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milk. Not only does the bacillus maintain its vitality but freely
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writer's experience it has been most often ten days or a little over.
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and malignant. Innocent tumors are well-defined, often lobulated,
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Bier's hyperaemia, treatment of microbic invasions by (A. MacLennan) - 507
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in cases of anaesthesia, etc. When the nerve trunk supplying a
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actual dyspnoea. The breathing is stridulous, the child becomes
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diminished, and the general condition improved. During the time, treat-
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bottom layer consisting of pus and debris. It is a s3rmptom of
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stools of the former will serve to make the diagnosis.
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likely where a "double quinsy** causes obstruction.
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fever and delirium, the paralysis remaining and spreading with
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But, in the voluminous correspondence, wise and otherwise,
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central opening through which a cheesy fluid may be squeezed.
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6. That re-vaccination restores the protection which lapse of time
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Percussion yields a slightly impaired note in the early stage at
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especially in respect to follicular tonsillitis. It practically resolves
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indigestion, the patient experiences within a few hours after meals
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lated diet and the administration of iron^ arsenic, quinine, strych-
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phyHnu. (G e e: . " o a ■ fi B d.) of the Sternal ends of the ribs (rachitic
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followed by an eruption of small vesicles on the mucosa of the
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powder containing equal parts of calomel and starch. If it is in-
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several degrees, and the patient feels quite comfortable. On the
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