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ished and the subcutaneous fat well distributed. There is pallor of
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above 99° F., the cough and expectoration were much less, the
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the Equator. July and August are the months during which it
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of the skin ceases to spread, and the other symptoms quickly sub-
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explains the coagulation necrosis of the central portion. Micro-
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attack. Four minims in elastic capsules with 2 minims in enteric
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in many cases. A 20 per cent, solution of menthol and oxygen has
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the fact that the spermatic plexus is an offshoot from the renal plexus.
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appears suddenly on the neck, limbs and trunk, the face usually
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movements is marked, there being but slight movement observed on
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Mania-a-potu, or acute alcoholic delirium, is the direct result of
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severity, and many forms are described, which, however, are not
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attacks of others. For example, it is said that although a negro of West
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Malignant disease of the testes is not of frequent occur-
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by two clamp - forceps. The vessel is then to be cut between the for-
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quality than the second sound, and has its point of greatest intensity
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* Both fatty infiltration and fatty degeneration, however, are present in
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and tenderness over the region of the kidneys and the urine is stained
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cirrhosis are commonly associated with high fever, deep
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alcoholism is specially unfavourable, as is also a high degree of
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producing scarring and puckering of the kidney surface, but
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temperature rapidly falls, often 4 to 6 degrees in the course of a
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occurring between the lymphoid tissue of the tonsil and the
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for the back (Fig. 5) , are exceptionally well fitted for use in war,
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often during convalescence ; among these is a suppurative parotitis,
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fatally. The course of congenital hydrocephalus is usually slow,
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M. S. — Half tablespoonful after meals, in water,
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Achylia gasirica is a term applied to the absence of free or com-
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the causes of the original attack still remain. Another attack or
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weakly constitution, alcohol is both necessary and desirable. Where
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of infection play a comparatively small part in the dissemina-
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any material lowering of the blood pressure from this cause,
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to an extent, which can only be measured by a wide survey