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is pricked by a needle in several places, a clear lymph-like fluid

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but it must be borne in mind that to get the most out of such a

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with the naked eye to be composed of a porous mass and to possess

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To these must be added tachycardia, bradycardia, delirium

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in the sputum renders that substance a source of great danger since,

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porary reUef is afforded to the enlarged right ventricle, by diminishing

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heart strain, it is suggested that fibrous hyperphasia may play

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but at the base it may at first be so soft as to simulate a double

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in support of their connection with teething. It may be true,

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extension of the inflammation to the Eustachian tube. The voice

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rentiated primordial protoplasm is the power of spontaneous

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partly account for varying frequency of concurrence. But when

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Extension to the nasal cavities causes a sanious and offensive

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cases, but microscopical sections will show extensive haemorrhages,

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the use of morphine, bromides, chloral, phenacetin, and similar

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spectors of nuisances, whose whole time should be devoted to

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in the Richmond Asylum, Dublin, during 1896, 1897, and 1898, a

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and runs its course usually in one week, but may be prolonged for

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running a subacute course. Exceptionally, however, patients have

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Local Treatment, — ^The objects of the local treatment are to stimu-

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quently grouped in pairs, and for this reason has been described by

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the precordiima, or nitroglycerin, gr. Hoo (0.00065 gm.), should be

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from one to three weeks. In debilitated subjects the disease is pro-

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retained ; it frequently contains albumin. Bed-sores are liable to

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of the eruption, etc., will serve to distinguish tinea circinata from other

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feeling of fullness and discomfort in the head, and attended with

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in both dilatation of the ventricular cavity, and hypertrophy

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the influence of this factor from that of the low barometer. Life is

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frequency and degree, and may all be quickly recovered from. Some-

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akin to general paresis, and, indeed, is often termed "pseudo-paresis."

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The mitral regurgitant or systolic murmur occurs with the first