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effect in this direction being more probably a combined one.

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appearance suddenly with a chill, followed by pains in the head, back,

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stopped, even after one application, but it is always wise to continue, as a

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Paralysis of myelitis occurs in older persons, and is associated with

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rapid, soft, feeble, and irregular. The respirations are increased in

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some considerable duration, for two or even three weeks the

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to eight days, passing into either stupor and coma or into a protracted

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bundles and -fibers into an open meshwork. During the period of dis-

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the results of his long experience at the Hospital for Sick Children

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ide. The child is placed in this bath for fifteen minutes once daily.

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Deecriptiim. — ^The Tttnia saginata or Tania mediocaneUala is tioai

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who can, with absolute certainty, diagnose the implication or

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derangement in the lungs, may be relieved for a time, by the use of

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and it attacks principally the least sanitary parts of every city. In

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appendix, or some other portion of the alimentary canal. Actinomy-

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differentiated with certainty by finding the tubercle bacillus in the

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washed with one of the above solutions, and then covered with a paste.

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Scabies often resembles eczema, especially those cases in which the

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cough. Anemia of the gastrointestinal tract produces dyspepsia

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in 1870. Mesopotamia from 1874-1877 proved the centre of a

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much worse. Vomiting of the same character continued. The

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punctiform rash, followed by characteristic desquamation, and a

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usually acute in type and require sedative or moderately stimulating

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ventricle and the impulse of the former may be mistaken for

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Treatment — ^Water should be freely administered; quinine is use-

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that, although the proximal muscles of the limbs may be affected,

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of the root of pomegranate, f 3ss (2 c.c), decoction of the bark of the

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hearing, taste, and of speech, the restdt of paresis of the vocal cords;

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Synonyms. — Acute meningitis; cerebral fever; arachnitis.

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(ii.) The second variety of pyrexia, that which results from the intro-

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being still further divisible into two groups : — {a) Traumatic ;

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with the disease. The bacilli do not circulate in the blood, but

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metrically distributed. The course of the disease is essentially

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Smallpox is an acute, specific, contagious disorder, characterised

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Rural Districts of each County in England and Wales," moved