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a cause of death. In this variety of heart-clot, the coagulation does not,
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almost strangled from having accidentally swallowed his teeth —
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imminent danger, and subsequent delay impairs the probability of success
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the inhalation of the carbonic oxide, this gas, when absorbed by the glo-
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pital. Two additional cases have come under my observation since the
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but among physicians also. The disease is but superficially studied
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The measures to be employed are purgatives, especially salines, and stimu-
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portion is owing in part to this fact. In well-marked cases the gross ap-
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matic diathesis ; his only reason for preferring lemon-juice to the
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together with the loss of blood. In most cases, however, there is no
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employed. The medicinal means consist of remedies to eliminate water
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ties. Fragments from the former and the latter in mass may become em-
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occurs and continues, but in which no satisfactory diagnosis can be
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discharged into the bronchial tubes and alimentary canal, alone admit of
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ologist develops further information respecting the uses of albumen in
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phlebitis is of common occurrence— the membrane is then
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ments, from a condition of great suffering into one of ease and comfort.
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Fellows admitted, 5, 46, 68, 79, 95, 111, 122, 145, 221, 267, 268, 314, 330, 353,
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For Coughs, Colds, Catarrh, Bronchitis and all Acute and Chronic Respiratory
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per cent, of these cases are curable, and all are more or less
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followed up step by step until the desired result is obtained. This desideratum
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and comfortable health obtained by means of surgical interference.^ Caesar
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as the germ theory of disease. According to this theory, in certain dis-
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morbid physiology. Both are, in fact, parts of one science, the science of
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often observed, in greater or less number, varying in size from that of a
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fibrinous exudation on mucous surfaces. The false membrane, in all
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Our motto '*Dbfinitej Chkmicai, Products" has proved a
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producing suppuration and perhaps a lasting paracusis ; or to the
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This is true in reference to biography generally ; but it is felt
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atmosphere, or carried in clothing and other material substances, or dif-
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from that of a filbert to that of a pea. They var}- in number in di(ferent
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In 1815 he was, without solicitation on his part, elected one
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OF the affections of the solid abdominal viscera, the greater number by