I^ysical Signs. — Inspection reveals ftdlness or prominence of

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consistence, the tissues around sharing in this. This is the typical

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some borated lint, or a piece of gauze spread with borated vaseline,

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digitalis (m. xl.), are recommended by Dr. Manson, but strychnine

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two, and noisy moving of flatus within the abdomen (borborygmus).

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of its cells, but is seldom contracted unless there is concurrent

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presence and in the absence of oxygen, either at the usual tempera-

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among which may be mentioned the paragraphs on Blood-Pressure,

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an infection; but the specific organism is not yet determined. (2)

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tion and boilii^ the mixture, which then becomes claret-red in

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for impregnating materials for antiseptic dressings (jute gauze).

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usual, and was very profuse, consisting largely of clot. She

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seemed to be quite normal mentally," but he considered that

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Diagnosis. — It is of great importance, therapeutically, to dis-

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Causes. — In this as in other forms of tuberculosis, the tubercle

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often death. The object in the treatment of all forms of chronic

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and by them one attains nothing that cannot be secured by

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rarely, pale and bloodless. The air-cells contain blood clots, or are

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Heat and Nitric Acid Test. — The urine is slightly acidulated and

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kinking and the formation of a spur of mucous membrane at

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Pathology. — ^The process resulting in a "boil" has its origin in

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he found to be present in thirteen out of sixteen cases examined.

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mew's Hospital between the years 1899-1905, we found that,

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and pains, often tabulated on a sheet of paper, which she

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portions. Whether this beading is due to spore formation or not

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stick together, and prevent the dressing from slipping.

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sign, and the writer has never seen a patient recover in whom pur-

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simulates that of smallpox, and the rash as a rule is copious.

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the so-called "Salisbury steaks." The use of half a pint of hot

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taining eosinophilic granules. It is observed in filariasis, trichinosis,