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She was a heavy child for her age, subject to constipation,

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Yellow oxide of mercury, gr. j (0.065 gm.), in petrolatum, 5ij (8

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lages of the ear. Crystals of sodium urate may be seen by the naked

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Locally, coimter-irritation by means of the Paquelin cautery, or

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cent, schxtioa) and diphtheria antitoxin have been emplojred with

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crop of boils. Such also may be experimentally produced by

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eruptions, too, are chiefly manifested over the front of the trunk and

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high, venesection may be employed. In anemic and weak individuals

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We warmly commend this manual of Dr. Eden's to the practitioner

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It was first described by Westphal, and may be observed in tabes

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inside the mouth are in a healthy state is perhaps true, but that

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and character of the urine, like the increased appetite, all go to prove

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example, that the acid gastric juice exerts a most maiked effect in

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Dipsomania, or oinotnaniayis the inherited or acquired mental

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bowels, and characterised by intestinal evacuations of a watery con-

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rence of another attack of rheumatism, involving increased injury to

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and remain obsolescent, they are apt to take up lime salts from the

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for suspecting the animal to be rabid the Pasteur treatment of the

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traction would ha\'e to be concentrated upon the very end of

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eucalyptol, or soluble silver are also beneficial. The application of

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The local treatment of such a condition consists in endeavour-

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variety, morphine, turpentine, dilute sulphuric acid, gallic acid,

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varieties the parasite is much smaller, rarely occupying more than one-

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cell. Upon this the theory of the anti-toxic treatment of these diseases,

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Rickets, Schick's Reaction, MacEwen's Sign, Brudzinski's Sign, the

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using the same enema throughout, found, on one occasion, that

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performed with the trocar or the aspirator. The tapping does not

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bronchitis are present, and this condition is nearly always accom-

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cradles, while sufficient opium was given at night to ensure