rheumatism is very closely simulated by the arthritis produced by

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A bad prognosis is indicated when high fever appears early,

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after death. The rectal temperature usually rises for the first half

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with drowsiness, which may pass into stupor and coma. On the

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The sound is like that produced when a small keg, partially filled

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of typhoid with a very abundant rash may be very difficult at first

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spect is very doubtful. The succinate of sodiimi, gr. v (0.32 gm.),

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examination by rectum and vagina; and see Rovsing's sign above.


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severe attacks of anterior and posterior renal pain on the right

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the chief sites being the mouth, tongue, and tonsils, the larynx and


Hkewist^ imjwired when the intima of their req)ective arteries is in-

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be at least rash to attribute the mental defect in such a case

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very liable to develop pulmonary tuberculosis or chronic nephritis.

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it being atrophied, indurated, and of a gra5dsh color. The changes

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nutrient substances in the fluid, the germ begins to grow and multiply

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and abdominal wall, which already contained large veins, was

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enlarges by the additional formation of fresh tubercles round its

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lower extremity, the upper third of the central convolution.

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to an end; to the former, crime is a pleasure, to the latter a paying

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systolic murmurs. An increase of dilatation and a fresh endocarditis

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as sperm inheritance: (2) from the mother, the father being healthy;

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ive physical exertion such as rapid walking or ruling, ascending

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months of the operation, and, in most of the cases, it was

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Under the conditions, in which Gull was placed, and