solution is evidenced by a violet color. In all, it is customary to

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It is somewhat difficult to obtain data, on which to compare

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High Calorie Diet in Typhoid and Other Fevers, Typhoid State, the

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to owe their origin to a parasite. The condition is one of atrophy

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is sudden, with coma, during exertion or excitement. The tempera-

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in active evolution, the cells lining the tubular spaces become

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blood, granular, and epithelial casts of the uriniferous tubtdes, blood

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the encouragement of free skin action by cold baths and simple

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by impregnating 1000 parts gauze with 500 parts spermaceti, 50 parts

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degrees, the eye-strain factor in the etiology should be immediately

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bags shotdd be placed over the stomach and along the spine. In

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cause or a result of the matted condition of the hair which constitutes

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pile-bearing area." We are not at all convinced that recurrence after

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from a specific infective fever, and, having suffered from one attack of a

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The sputum contained tubercle bacilli. The opsonic index,

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obstruction are due to intussusception, about one-third to twists, and

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stemal articxilation. The transverse portion commences at the

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Ijrniphatic glands are swollen, and inspection reveals a catarrhal

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glands and lymphatic chains, those on the left being much

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excitement and physical exertion should be avoided. When struc-

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the muscles and nerves to electrical stimuli. The minimum period

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up inflammatory action, soon becoming surrounded by a capsule or

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of the right side of the heart and consequent pulmonary congestion,

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rib posteriorly. The hepatic dullness may not begin tmtil the

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water which have become contaminated. Although the disease is

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Intestinal hemorrhage indicates absolute rest and suspension of

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anha root freshly prepared, in pills, cachets, or wafer paper. Five

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about from one part of the body to another ; the constitutional

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but varies widely according to the number of outbursts, and the

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If the diagnosis is not absolutely certain, an explorator}'

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The ileum was detached from the adhesions and the growth

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are presented. On the face the spots fade rapidly, as a rule, with-

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cases of all forms not associated with organic disease, and in those