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Diagnosis. — This is to be made from the s3rmptoms, particularly

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imperfections of the fundamental properties, physico-chemical and

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fever, headache, stupor, pain in limbs, back, and abdomen, nausea and

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intima of the affected vessel which appears three or four times as

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and a funnel held not more than two feet above the level of the

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tion is seldom more than one or one and a half degrees F. This type

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Vaccination has a positive protective influence from the disease, an

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inadequate to properly empty the cavity ; recurring infection

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of the abdomen give rise to considerable pain, the patient crying

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the abdominal viscera, and the specific epiphysitis, all of which are

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lactic acid (30 gr. to the otmce), trypsin (30 gr. to the otmce), and

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sneezing occur, together with a variable amount of nasal discharge.

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ness on pressure. The respirations are rapid and shallow, 30 to 35

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dealing with them — but this is seldom practicable — is to burn them ;

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as possible, the crusts removed by the use of oil, or soap and hot

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sudden. There are rigors or repeated attacks of chilliness, frontal

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vomiting. In children constipation is liable to be replaced by

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(apoplectiform) may terminate in health, but usually foretell cerebral

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days, or it may be ushered in by a sharp rigor. The usual initial

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5. It is more likely to be complicated by intestinal

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to almost every joint in the body ; or it may fly from one joint

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"3. I cover over the nipple with a lead nipple-shield. This ex-

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two. Alcoholic stimulants judiciously employed are most efficient

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striction below the margin of the thorax and above the pubes. The

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In all cases, the condition of the heart should be carefully watched

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by the researches of Jaeger, who found a bacillus belonging to the

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the affection may terminate by crisis but more frequently after an

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alcoholic stimulants, such as brandy or champagne. The patient

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generally accepted, the theor>^ of the expansion of the heart

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withstand, on account of the weakness produced by the diabetes.

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with its long axis transversely, and its hilum looking directly