the subject of other causes and sources of debility. Incising the

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Many difficulties are confessedly left unanswered, and the grand

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may not be driven into the cell the tip of the pipette should be

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CampJioric Acid. — Camphoric acid has the advantage of producing

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to the series developed by selecting the resistant individuals. A

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vigorous cobra in a small animal, death occurs almost, if not quite

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terval of one hour between thern, sufficed to induce refreshing sleep

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to tlie air-cells, in order that the pliysical process of endosmosis

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and which apparently has resulted in saving the work horses from

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position 6 (p. 432) ; to which proposition also we do not assent.

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north-west. The first monsoon rains (as mentioned above) check

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When there are symptoms of severe heart weakness, dyspnoea, marked

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and Berger have demonstrated a lipase in lymphocytes, and

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Hohlfeld. Muench. med. Wchnschr., 1910, 57, p. 235.

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of the extract and settles to the bottom. It does not go into solution again when

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it has) nothing to do with pcenology or the science of punishments.

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abundant secretion or if the latter has been present from the beginning,

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formin, one per cent solution, for live minutes without altering

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A Concentrated Solution of Salt. — In case we are called upon to

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wise to caution . against overheated houses, as a temperature which pro-

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fully counterbalances the tendency of digitalis to contract the coronary

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breakfast. This should consist of a small cup of tea with cream, 1 or 2

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in Baltimore at the time. It was, therefore, determined to make a

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appear useful in residual joint affections or functional limitations, as do

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borne, and its application was so efficient in arresting all appreciable

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breaks of cholera to occur before the setting in of the rains, when there

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ence of alkalies or iron, who could not be treated satisfactorily be-

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tinguish it from that curve produced by weakness of the abdominal

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in couples, each couple forming an unit volume of oxygen gas, or

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seemed much excited shortly after. 4.25. — Lying in the former

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of the left index finger, I transfixed the recto-vesical septum im-

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performed with a purely non-nitrogenous diet. It is even probable

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Etiological Therapy. — The therapy of these diseases may be dis-

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fevers, diphtheria, and the like, and we are not unprepared for in-

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be associated with the organic than the cerebro-spinal nervous

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have the advantage of saving the time during which the patient

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brought about by galvanism, and probably without loss of skin.

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with absolute alcohol, and dried over sulphuric acid. When this preparation was

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rabbits as antibody. He first determined that the serum contain-

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with it and digitalis as a diuretic. It is often given as the sodium-