develop, the so-called cholera tjrphoid, which prolongs the recovery
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Case 5. — The patient, a male, aged 44 years, was first seen
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nitrobenzol, chlorates, snake venom, chloroform, phosphorus, etc.,
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lying in relation to the carotid sheath may extend inwards
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is due to deficient oxidation of the blood as the result of local or gen-
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children during the period of dentition, convulsions may often usher
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blood ; but, as a rule, they are limited to the affected valves, and
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erjrthematous eruption on the face, neck, and chest resembling
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5. Wood-sawdust, wood-wool, and wood-fibre, are good dres-
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tion period and there is not that peculiar fearful expression that is
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vessels on their way to the bronchial glands. These last are invari-
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begins and occupies from two to six weeks. With the appearance
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pyloric stenosis, and in one, for a large pyloric tumour in a
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an injury, with symptoms of a stiff neck or of a sore throat, which are
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throughout is of the highest degree of merit, and if the subsequent volumes
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convulsions ; the convulsions are not necessarily the cause of
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tions. These tests are described on pages 322 and 323.
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scarlet fever, i/ there is the slightest chance of isolating the
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by the sphenoidal fissure and the optic foramen. Opening
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elevated patches with firm, more or less nodular borders. More or
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adhesions between the gall-bladder and colon or omentum. In rare
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tion. Flatulence is present and on its discharge the pain is relieved.
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about the size of a pin's head. This is a rare variety. The lesion
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of human traffic be they by road or rail, by steamships or river
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an uncleanly appearance. They are apt to occur at all ages, but
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and rotting fruit should be forbidden, but fruit in season and in
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They are said to be about the size of a large pin's head, very little
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