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prepared by Dr. H. T. Ricketts of the corresponding organism. Unfortunately the

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its use. In view of all these facts, the author is personally very loath to

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the patient should be weighed once or twice a week; and the sputum

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that one small abscess existed, in which the broken ends lay rougli

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II, both after the primary attack and after relapse, favors this

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alone and trusting that the bacilli are not virulent.

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in believing it probable that by the removal of the peritoneal transudate,

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authors (Marie, Abadie) even attributing to the sympathetic the primary

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The amount of phagocytosis of pneumococci is never very great.

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III. — Of the Principles upon which Hospitals should he constructed.

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reason. At all events, such waters dilute the urine, stimulate diuresis,

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Preflagellate stage. — -The infection probably begins in the anterior

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good effect of this will be evident if one remembers that the pains due to

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Switzerland: Montreux; Vevey. Tyrol: Bozen; Gries; Meran.

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boy, aged three years, was seized with croup ; there v/as high

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easily brought on, particularly if the disease has already reached an

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that some more or less consolidated examining authority should be instituted.

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uric acid, and, at the same time, is not capable of constructing urate of

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account of the pain and danger of thrombosis) , and it would apparently be

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Von Noorden has shown that carbohydrates spare the proteins better

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In a brief summary of these last experiments we find then that

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rest of the corresponding lung, to reduce the circulation of blood and

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plane of a horizontal section of the head not in the plane of the

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affection of the pancreas without syphilis, — perhaps an atheroma of the

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tion observed.* Animals sensitized with zein did not react to ghadin, or conversely.

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got a novel uterine relaxant of considerable power. I say probably,

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the fusiform bacillus in ulceromembranous angina (Vincent's angina),

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our mutual advancement. Speech must have a central organ, be-

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parison of our papers will reveal the fact that the forms which I have considered to

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in concentrations of i in 100 to i in 300. Likewise anti-serum against extracts cf one

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taining the blepharoplast (PI. i, Figs. 15, 16). The contiguous