the neighbourhood of the cow-house there exists, as a rule,

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in hydronephrosis in a comparatively small number of the

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tubes the disease has a tendency to spread in one of two directions,

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II. D. B., male, aged 24, was sent with acute obstructive

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became severely epidemic, whilst in Calcutta the disease for several

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they form spores or not, and the fact must never be lost sight of that,

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complained of by these patients, and is due, in our opinion,

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but the effect of the absorption from an uninjured peritoneal

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Disarticulation of the great toe with its metatarsal bone . . 252

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and if the animal be buried with unbroken skin and before the discharges

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and vagina. It is most common, however, upon the limbs.

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affair ^vhich many appear to think it is, and, in my experi-

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fit him for his social position. It commences with life and continues

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by which the calculus anuria is brought about, is still an open

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The Ankylostoma duodenale is a blood-sucking parasite. It fastens

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gout, and in certfun nervous affections. It is accompanied by pains

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Academic de Medecine. He stated that von Pirker, of Vienna, in May,

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calf of the legs a patch which is insensible to a light touch, and to

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sinus there is a transference of the symptoms to the opposite

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of fremitus (vibrations). By fremitus is understood certain tactile

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say exactly where the action of the pancreatic juice ends, and

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blood gives no reaction ; the enteriditis blood may give some reaction,

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sterile boric acid solution on the first signs of vesical irritation.

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panitic. For three days subsequent to admission, no faeces,

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referred, there will be at the service of every practitioner one of the soundest

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body is uncertain. Evidence of infection by the digestive tract is

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tar, santal wood oil, copaiba, eucal)rptol, turpentine, cubebs, benzoic

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and instead of appearing white, glistening and brilliant, they are

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fifteen deaths, all of persons in direct or indirect communication

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and throat, a tendency to nephritis, and frequently more or less

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whey or koumiss should be given in teaspoonful doses at frequent

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irregular action of the heart. More severe exertion, such as