prove fatal, however, by spreading to the smaller air passages.
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Unless, however, the temperature during the hot stage becomes
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A combination of iron and potassium chlorate in full doses, fre-
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In cases of bronchitis following the exanthemata, or in scrofulous
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2. Torticollis, — ^Wry neck, or stiff neck. Situated in the stemo-
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The following substances can also be used for powder dressings,
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to a dry, glazed, cracked appearance towards the end of the
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there has been no relapse since the treatment ceased, although
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and the administration of quinine in large doses so universal in
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thirst and the thermometer shows a rise of temperature to 101' to
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The prognosis is always bad. Nearly all the acute cases are
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Auscultation in the early stage detects prolongation of the first
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splitting up fat into glycerine, and a fatty acid. There are
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It has survived long enough for the copyright to expire and the book to enter the public domain. A public domain book is one that was never subject
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characterized by small, fiat, angular, umbilicated, glazed, reddish
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makes extravagant purchases and may waste large sums of money
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anemia and restore strength. Paralysis will necessitate massage
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living things, sooner or later, cease to display these vital character-
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nation of the tunica vaginalis, after removal, usually shows
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found to consist mainly of fibrous tissue with some cells (round or
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because pain and arthritis were absent or so slight as to have been
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When the exudation and coagulation are completed, the lung is red,
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employ 10 c.c. of the filtrate, using the reagents to test for the pres-
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