neglected. After two or three months a weak galvanic current
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a. liniual process of the left lung; 13, caidUi: booadarr
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with the morphine 6 drops of the belladonna mixtiure are given in capsules.
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tion, the whole of the faucial mucous membrane is seen to be red
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thin liquid, occasion bubbling sounds. When the Hquid is present
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would appear yet more strongly, I feel convinced, did we
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Diagnosis. — ^According to Guit^ras the distinctive features of
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which of themselves are liable to leave some hypertrophy
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The following are the conclusions of the Indian Leprosy Commis-
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severely. Moist soil, polluted with faecal matter, forms the best
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varying from one to five gallons or six gallons in the twenty-four
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comes extensively infiltrated with a fibrinous deposit, the gut
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have often been employed. Morphia, given subcutaneously and at
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are multiplying rapidly, and may be producing their products in con-
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should be given for at least eighteen months, with intermissions, not
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of the abscess and much septic absorption from it. Such
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Embolic and pysemic processes in the lungs are liable to occur,
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inhalation of dust and irritating gases may also induce the trouble.
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The most common mode of infection is by means of a wound
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In the operation of simple suture, the kidney having been
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intestinal lesions are not necessarily excessive, and the later stages
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purging and vomiting entirely cease and the patient's features and
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as produced by pinching a fold of skin, pricking with a needle, or by
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remove the substances in which the organisms are growing, the
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to a right diagnosis. But sudden pain and vomiting may be the
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addition of a drop of dilute gentian-violet solution stains the white
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suitable articles. The steady use of brandy or whiskey throughout
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equable pressure uj)on every part of it, which will readily absorb the
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pointed out that the greatest benefit, in the vaccine treatment