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dysentery is diagnosed chiefly by the history of the case, but in part

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or both sides, extending from the vertex, and on the neck as far

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are most often affected, but the disease is transmitted by females.

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necessary; but care must be taken to avoid forming a morphine habit.

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of lime and potassium. Unlike the higher plants they are unable to

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Macules are variously sized and shaped discolored areas of the skin

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Gull was already in the full tide of success and popularity

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Definition. — An endemic pyrexial disease, occasionally pre-

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exercise, for the next 3 to 6 months. We feel convinced that

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too severe to justify a continuation of the treatment. The toxines

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just before death. In some cases, and these usually the more

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charge a foetid ichorous pus. Swellings which rapidly suppurate

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been omitted, and almost every page shows changes. The new edi-

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is taken. The presence of sugar will cause a loss of specific gravity,

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disorders. This history of the two affections should be of material

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and camphor are the cardiac stimulants mostly in vogue. Carbonate

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spring up simultaneously in epidemic form in widely separated

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idiopathic or symptomatic. Among the principal diseases to which

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learning, and to render it injurious if forced ; not only whether

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Lister uses a peculiar dressing-forceps with long slender arms

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The face is red, the eyes congested, and the carotids pulsating.

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to it a chart-like appearance to which the term geographical tongue is

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ach should be immediately removed by the stomach-tube or by the

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precaution in operating, the abscess may require re-opening

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ptosis and facial spasms. The condition of the tongue is variable,

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ceased. The time has varied from 3 weeks to 4 or 5 months. Renon uses

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