diagnostic and therapeutic agents in medicine and surgery, and the physi-
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Thrombosis of both adrenal veins, massive haemorrhagic infarction
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5. Gastrointestional disturbances, by continued swallowing
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modern medical knowledge and practice, should be highly successful. It
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the rest of the organ and from the cecum. The vagaries of the appendix
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course : 1. Very acute and fatal form with violent delirium. 2. Chronic
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exercises some influence as there are ten or more instances
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be made in all cases of perirectal suppuration. He also made a strong
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Frank Cowan, Long Island College Hospital, Brooklyn, 1872, died at
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treme and believe the State has the right to say in every case
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and the year following, and in 1831 that part of the act of 1824
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account of his difficulty in walking. He always had a good
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thickening at the light microscopic level. Red blood
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thoroughly mixed by atlning thnmgh the whole «M of milk baton
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atropin in small doses and mustard plasters may possibly do some good,
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Convulsions, apoplectiform and congestive seizures with con-
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greater in the latter form of cases. He reported a series of
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of prejudice broadcast. The laity are too much prejudiced now
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W. H. Humiston reported a case which illustrated the migration of
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bition noted by the author, except with blood collected in such a way that
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recommended that absolutely all liquid and solid matter, including
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some useful trade or occupation to the mutilated or deformed,
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This was the late surviving relic of the sixteenth century, when
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this time of indoor work they received their nourishment in
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changes, especially when accompanied by progressive
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and recommends the drop method for its administration — all of which
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cases, but I have never yet seen an antepartum eclamptic case
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further if not entirely eliminate, tuberculosis from the farm.
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to fill the aperture. The legs are crooked, curving in the
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from one to two of the afore specified doses three times a day. The
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bush ,s supported by a steak ; bu. if cut back to within e^Ween or
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since been conceded to be due to syphilis. But there still remain
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not vote. Those that expressed doubt raised the following ob-
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ences to the probable will of the patient have to be
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quently the villi penetrate and weaken the tube wall early. Most fre-
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is an area of atrophy way out and slightly up from the disc ; it is
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filing a notice of appeal with the secretary of the State
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spective officers, are beginning now to organize a national
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