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and sleeplessness are present. Follicular pharyngitis often accom-
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dressed with cloths soaked in lead- water and laudanum.
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moderately in exercise. Water-drinking should be encouraged, and
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addity and the paroxysmal pains. It differs in the absence of dys-
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mide, lithium bromide, and aromatic spirit of ammonia. Weakness
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than one-third of a right angle. This of itself might produce a
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are of great importance in the treatment. Hydrotherapeutic
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Action of drugs in treatment of diabetes mellitus-and elvcosuria, 1^6; Charts
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I. By a band. An urgent case, sent by Dr. Duff, Wishaw,
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symptoms. There is high fever and great exhaustion. ' Prequently
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the disease runs its natural mild course under proper feeding and
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These forms may exist combined to a greater or less extent. Atro-
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occasional neuralgic pain in the scar, or an aching pain^ or
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gathered solely by the effects of treatment upon the disease. Chronic
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gallic add, gr. v to x (0.3 to 0.6 gm.), and oil of turpentine, TTlv to xv
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are indispensable for practice upon the cadaver, and because this
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of cows. They are dark, dirty, ill drained, badly ventilated,
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An epidemic disease of variable mortality and lasting from three
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cracked-metal soimd is elicited. When the cavities are filled with
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correctly in the peritoneal cavity; characterized by a distended
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Andean mountainous districts of the departments of Ancache and
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which by far the most important is the characteristic laryngeal
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usually begins to enlarge in the middle of the first week, the enlarge-
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occupations of the individual. It is a purely functional condition.
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months of intrauterine life is cold-blooded, and it is only gradually that
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hours. There was no history of a traumatic onset, nor were
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tions and records that no large and expensive medical staff
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plained as follows : — " I venture to suggest that beneath the
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and their collaterals that the cell is brought into communication
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