Symptoms. — The attack begins rather suddenly with a feeling erf

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are not a little mistifyiiig. For instance, a wide and general

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be caused by the inhalation of the dried mucus. Contagious.

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purulent. In serofibrinous pericarditis the effused material consists

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The book should prove very useful to house physicians, and to practi-

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sound is frequently confounded with moist bronchial r&les, and its

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It is doubtful whether any one of these is worthy of the name of a

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merely due to the elastic recoil of the relaxed muscle, neither

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losis may -be employed, supplemented by the use of the x-ray.

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prolonged and extreme retraction of the head, and it was with

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tough, of a greenish character, and often very fetid; large collections

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may, however, occur in the course of the disease and lead to a fatal

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conditions, and is characterized by rapidly developing thoracic

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falls and then again rises. The pulse is very frequent and small, the

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kept in a warm place. Sugar is present in amounts, varying from an

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The relation of dentition to convulsions has been much

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condemned by all medical practitioners. The motto par

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the invariable rule, as a certain small percentage of patients

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opened by Hilton's method. The cavity is then dried out

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to the duodenxim it is termed duodenitis, and is attended by slight

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failure of the circulation. The mind remains clear and hopeful to

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great reduction is claimed by the advocates of the antiseptic treat-

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the subsequent appearance of either adenitis, arthritis, albuminuria,

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mission. For instance, variola has a remission on the third day,

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differ not so much in principle as in the details of technique,

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So that, if this case of mistaken diagnosis is omitted, and an

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these patients really have an organic disease affording a foundation

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punctate appearance. This will be more apparent in proportion as

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but, according to some interesting investigations by Dr.

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rubber tube should be inserted. This can usually be safely

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already alluded to ; there are none which can be considered as dis-

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^^ diphtheria carriers*^ — persons who show no signs of the disease. The

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after treatment. Packing is quite as trustworthy as the suture

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at the base of the brain. Depositions of grayish-white gramdes of a

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IJ. Ferri arsenatis gr. H2 to H o . 005 to o . 01 1 gm.

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indicates a serious prognosis. The only reliable sign of approach-

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well, and neuralgic pains have been k;nown to persist for longer.

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The incubation period of rabies varies greatly. In man

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the immoderate use of tea, coffee, alcohol, and tobacco. It is also a