The tetanus bacillus is abundant in garden earth, in dust, and in

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a "stuck on" appearance. After several days these drop off leaving

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mercury, only two methods need be considered, that of giving it by

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loss of appetite, coating of the tongue, frontal headache, and some-

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Erysipelas may be confounded with erythematous or vesicular

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remains patent, it fails to drain the lower half of the abscess.

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gr. J^ (o.oii gm.), hypodermically, or fluidextract of pilocarpine,

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scarlet fever, i/ there is the slightest chance of isolating the

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worth the knowing." What better holiday can be imagined

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of sugar in the urine is not constant — at one time being present, at

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Mammary and Infra-mammary Regions. — ^The murmur in these

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show evidence of the disease only after some weeks have elapsed;

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speedily. The writer knew of an engine-driver, in Eg}'pt in 1883,

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frequently met with. Suppurations of the cellular tissue are fairly

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changes. As in other acute infections, the spleen is frequently

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fluous fluid squeezed out with the hands or a wringing machine, and

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ous urine; all of which S3maptoms may present themselves in

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vomiting, or excessive flow of urine. The first attack may end in

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more obstinate in the fourth and fifth weeks of her illness,

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tubes is at first congested, swollen, and edematous. Secretion is

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washing with soap and a brush ; and , finally, the disinfection with car-

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must often be repeated; and hot fomentations should be applied over

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milk warmed, others exhibit it with ice. In the acute initial

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trices, but they may restilt from encapsulation of extravasated blood,

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from the fishermen's nets, was carefully studied with the aid

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be most carefully regulated. When the cause or causes are detected

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lemon-juice, etc. Albumin, milk, gelatin. Oils to protect

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pox, dengue, or an attack of malarial fever. During an epidemic of

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as excessive nervousness on the part of the patient, defeats

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