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a very few days, sometimes within a few hours. The new mother, and

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1 Very severe and ultimately fatal in a case recorded by Dr. Stephen Mackenzie.

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aneurysm at the base of the brain, abscess in the parotid region, an

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soon died away. Whilst the triumphant Whigs, in gratitude

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The bullae or blebs vary remarkably in size, from that of a pea to an

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namely that the abnormalities of nervous function are due to spasm and

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In these cases of congenital hemiplegia and decided left-handedness

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reason of his insanity and your neglect murdered some one, do you

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chloride in full doses (10-15 grains ter die). For the arthritis the best

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met with in asylums, at any rate among the chronic lunatics. The

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the relation of the sweat-gland to the pathological process." He further

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and, inasmuch as the treatment adopted is wholly irrational and useless in

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mortal, "ready to be anything in the ecstasy of being ever

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those acts which, whether vices or wrongs, or neither, tend directly to

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in debility. Quinine is not usually good for highly neurotic children.

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On the first effort of thought the brain flags, and is felt to flag — " it goes

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in middle - aged women) ; chronic organic nervous diseases, whereof

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Frequency. — This varies widely in different countries. Dr. Crocker

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An infant may have a few lesions from time to time, or only a

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W. R. Lancet. — 26. Clark, Pierce. New York Med. Record. — 27. Kiernan, J. G. ;

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quinine, malt liquors, cod-liver oil, and good food. Recovery may be

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The inoculation — hypodermic — of the cultures or its toxins produces

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through the skin from the outside, while the guinea worm (Dracunculus

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becomes enormously puffy and swollen, from a diffuse hypertrophy. The

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method, the processes stain well, and not only the primary but the

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Paralysis agitans causes death only by gradual exhaustion after

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1 1 once made a post-mortem examination of an old person who suffered from this form

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there is no evidence to show. But, allowing that it is so practised by the

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utmost care, and with antiseptic precautions. He describes how slowly

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with other verses no less musical. Still, when all has been

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and to fear that his life is rather a curse than a blessing to him ; then

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flowers and hothouse plants, the hall and staircase were lit

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most trustworthy and favourable prognosis can be given. But even in

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