suspension sutures, passed either through the periosteum of,
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subject immune for the most part. It is not syphilis altered by
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formation of purulent foci. This was a most useful classification
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when we find, on page 49, that he attributes to "Sermoyez" (evidently a
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condition, would not be included in this list, however movable
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an extent that their number may be reduced to one-fifth or even
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break open again many months after the initial procedure,
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whatever. It will be obvious from the description, which has
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have few if any particular symptoms other than those due to the
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Prophylaxis. — ^The prophylaxis of syphilis in the commimity at
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partial degeneration. Irritability to the faradic current is sup-
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sweats, loss of appetite, loss of flesh, and insomnia.
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E. D., female, unmarried, set. 34, a domestic servant, while
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the existence of such insanitary conditions, but the fact that
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perfectly still ; he should pass his motions into a draw sheet ; the ad-
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difference has been noted in the prevalence of certain symptoms in
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In the chronic cases, however, the results are unfortunately
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usually appears under fifty years. Simple glycosuria often results
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duration and mild type imattended by characteristic lesions. When
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disorders of sensation, and coolness and pallor of the surface. •
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free at all times. Constipation should be avoided as it serves to
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Melancholia, dementia, and sometimes mania, are liable to follow
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1. Morbid conditions of the cardiac muscle cells — impaired
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insomnia, subsultus, are prevented or relieved, the amount of the
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segmentation, dividing the parasite into twelve to thirty leaflets. This
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suddenly or gradually and usually appears on the extremities. The
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left inguinal canal, and the malignant disease developed in the
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common variety of this is that following exposure (in susceptible
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with a fresh fibrinous exudation; and the splenic pulp is softened
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They vary in number from fifteen to thirty in twenty-four hours.
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plegia involving the lower half of the face and the limbs, with paralysis
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symptoms and depend on the distribution and extent of the lung
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on pressure and at death. It returns with relapses. Eruption