antigen reacting with cell-bound antibody (IgE), which
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part of Hamburg which did not suffer from the cholera epi-
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salts in health and disease and, while the subject is not as yet on an al-
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not be resorted to as a diagnostic measure in these cases. The normal
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thickening or it may exist with little or no demonstrable change
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of double retention it is usually more marked on the right, as in
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for the presentation of anything having to do with so common a
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288 Wenckebach Heart Block; Secondary to phenylephrine
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which gradually settles to the bottom of the tube, beneath a clear super-
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permanent than that produced by confining the exposures to the
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surgical findings, where applicable. EMG results were
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The strangulated umbilical hernia took place in an elderly
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ing as to communications made to him by his patients. And,
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fessor', 'M. D/, 'M. B.', or any other title in connection with
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inal work; or to the reader unwilling to spend the time on a larger
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than 17 percent of the total active patient population
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divided daily doses of met hyldopa may also be maintained
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and altogether the book affords an admirable resume of the year's
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primary and secondary stages the reaction is infrequent, and when present
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factory. For example, in 1900, two cases operated in Garre's