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patches of fatty degeneration will be observed in the various organs.

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the corpora striata, and pass down by way of the crura, pons and cord to

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but the whoop, which is conducted to the surface. In the intervals

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languor and pallor, the muscular weakness compelling the patient

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of as being specific poisons, it must be remembered that they are prob-

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diameter, and there may be several on different parts of the body.

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toms prevail, when the urine becomes scanty or is suppressed, a

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flourish, their inability to live but a short time in a dry condition

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the second year, although in rare instances it may be congenital.

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attacks of others. For example, it is said that although a negro of West

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eruption is unilateral, and the course is definite; all of which features

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The systolic pressure is the maximum pressure occurring within the

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end of the lachrymal sac narrows down considerably to open

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to arrive at a diagnosis, but there is usually some soft focus of

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comes purulent (empyema) only as the result of microorganismal

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of CO2 exhaled during specific fevers is increased. Many more ob-

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accumulated epithelitun, fungi, and food particles. It is uniform