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2. Kodem Gynecologic Instruments. — Goelet's paper is
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cluding that the intensity of the local inflammation produced by the vaccine
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large catheters are rather to be chosen for permanent
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more conspicuously than in the field of etiology. For
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that the shells became luminous after proceeding some distance from the
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seriously 111 with fever and delirium. There had been some vomit-
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44 out of 69 cases, or 64 per cent. Some enlargement or pro-
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namic properties, and medical uses, and shall collect the results
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further alteration. He says: "To solve this question
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giving the latest established facts as to the treatment of these
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and the astringent use of tannic acid, and certain erroneous
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Medical College and the University of Louisville's medical de-
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1. Stevenson and Murphy: Treatise on Hygiene, vol. 1, p. 393,
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of the portrait of Dr. W. W. Keen, by 750 members of the dif-
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Kate Nolan, nurses at the Woman's department of the insane
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Materia Medica, and one of the Professors of Clinical Medicine in the Uni-
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also the epidemic and sporadic forms of the disease, and he an-
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