by the absence of the eruption and strawberry tongue and by the

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nephrorrhaphy is so small as to be almost negligible, and

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cases is from three to fourteen days. Convalescence is slow.

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been recorded. In the character of its complications it will be

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especially the hands and feet, characterized by the appearance

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entire side or the upper or lower limbs is involved. The face and

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third sound of the heart, may sometimes be caused by this

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such patients rarely survive to adult life. The most hopeful are

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syrup of the hypophosphites, and small doses of corrosive sublimate

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thousands, and, if doubt is expressed as to his ability to do so, making

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added to the specimen before it is placed on the slide or coversUp.

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bowel. Instead of calomel a continued action of the bowels may

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If the auricle does not empty itself to any extent at the

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writer has had excellent results with the hypodermic injection of

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prevent evaporation, and should be scalded in cleaning. Paper

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the condition. Usually no local treatment is required. Dusting

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at I inch or i|- inches, as is the case with a normal second

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Diphtheria. — In so far as the diagnosis depends on the local con-

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intoxication which, as pointed out by Rolleston and Tebbs,

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use of the bed-pan insisted upon. The writer, however, goes

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the areola) begins to appear around the base of the vesicle. This

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Other applications, such as boric-acid lotion, oxide of zinc ointment,

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by their superficial rubbing, creaking, or grating character, and by

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The Use and therapeutical use of alcohol, and the various

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use of the hot-air bath, the hot pack, or the wet sheet and blanket

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hypodermically. The earlier it is employed, the more localized the

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meningitis is rare under the age of six months, and is most common

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nerve degeneration of the muscular fibers supplied, there ensue

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the pain and sometimes the tenesmus which accompany them.

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and the salines. The saline waters such as Himyadi Janos, Saratoga

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it is termed general or diffused pericarditis. The inflammation may

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slow, the mind torpid and greatly depressed, and there is pain or