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septic infection is liable to occur at all times. It is most serious

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middle layer being made up of a greenish mucoid substance; and the

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in the course of valvular defects cause them to become serious

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particularly in elderly people, and on the face in infants. Its course

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ordinary bronchial respiration, and its character is hollow. For its

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frequently occurs. The abdomen, rigid at first, especially

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for a considerable period. Pleural and pericardial effusions have

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and nine months after the operation. While the testis is

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cannot be done by a normal man, whose knees will be bent when the

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has a specific gravity of 1005 to 10 10, and gives a neutral or faintly

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greasy, sebaceous character. Psoriasis of the scalp occurs in patches,

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thickened, and indurated mucous ridges. The whole wall of the

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type. The standard of bodily health is at present incapable of

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conditions, and exposure to draughts and cold. Gout, rheumatism,

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of the disease ; so markedly is this the case, that it would seem in

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main business of the practitioner, and that those who use this book

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respiration. There was marked tenderness in the epigastrium

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disinfection of septic tissues , when suj)puration with decomposition is

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was up and about. Immediately above the umbilicus was a

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it was possible to predict the day of its prospective fall.

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bite, from being irritable, becomes anaesthetic, and it is not un-

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Treatment of Boil in External Auditory Canal, 436 ; Treatment of

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or softening; meningitis; tumors; mental or moral causes; hysteria.

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Occasionally, rather pale areas may be seen on the renal

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look. Heart or kidney disease influence pneumonia tmfavorably.

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regions with intense itching, worse at night, and a history of contagion

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phenomenon may occasionally be produced in the flexors of the leg

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be covered with a thin scab, and on disappearance after some weeks

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believe that the disability induced in that organ is frequently

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acid, or a preparation of corrosive sublimate and iodide of potassium.

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splits up into a nitrogenous molecule, which -is the first step

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The nozzle of the syringe must be passed in horizontally, not

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etc. It may be also due to organic heart disease, exophthalmic

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The illness may be regarded as at an end when the rash has faded,

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Cause. — Pityriasis versicolor is the result of the presence t^>on

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the stomach and bile-ducts. The microorganisms are found in