If pericarditis is present when the case comes under observation,
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muscular system weak, the mind in a condition of coma-vigil, and,
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ence of the malady and its likely cause. (5) The general health. (6)
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either constipation or diarrhoea be present, they must be treated
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kidney is imbedded, disappears. The renal vessels are in many
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Etiology.— -Unknown, but probably a protozoon — ^the Cytoryctes
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For a day or two preceding the paroxysm it may be ascertained that
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ganglion-cells atrophy and disappear not infrequently being the only
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Herpes facialis occurs upon any portion of the face, but most
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For children, equal parts of aromatic syrup of rhubarb and castor
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one-sixth its original volume. Crystals of urea nitrate will then
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abnormal nutrition, which tends in both instances to produce
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the day and night, consisting of the products of an imperfect digestion
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movable kidney, are not the least likely to do so. We, there-
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to that of cramp ; a very distressing pain behind the sternum is often
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The diagnosis of a typical hard chancre is not difficult, but the
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cannot be overcome by the right ventricle, as in cardiac diseases
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the condition lasts only one day it is called ephemeral fever; the
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more or less extensive according to the amount of the original
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on pinching the limb muscles and patches of anaesthesia on the
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exhaust the patient, the pulse becoming quick and irregular; the
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unsatisfactory. The patient was very neurotic and difficult to
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supervene, or pulmonary tuberculosis may carry off the patient.
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weight of 12^ lbs. The patient felt so well that the treatment
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impulse is diminished in strength, and felt over too large an area ;
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irritability of the bladder, pallor of the face, pinched feattires, nausea,
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every hour until spawn-like stools are produced, is beneficial, espe-
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cough, with difficulty in breathing. The dyspnea occurs in parox-
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in gradually increasing doses under the skin of a sheep, rabbit, or horse,
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properties. Diaphoresis may be brought about by the use of the
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sixth or seventh costal cartilages on the left side, while the pylorus
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opitun in some form, or atropine sulphate, gr. }^o (0.0008 gm.) hypo-