even earlier. These are most often seen in the form of a broad band

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found his wife entertaining a numerous party of gentle-

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Although kept for a considerable period under training, she learnt

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the treatment was the same. I was slowly tickled under the arms whilst

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whole world, in order that they should be carried to his

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size ; is dead ; that his internal organs are destroyed or putrid, and so

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Graduate School agglutinates only cells with the Rho antigen,

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misdemeanor by the tone in which he uttered the discreetly

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may be widespread. The hands may be affected alone, or the hands and

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and are at the best due, Ross thinks, merely to the presence of the nucleus

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oil of bitter almonds or other scent may be added. This should soak

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ladies (Miss Corbett, of Hackney) fell into the hands of Dr.

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lectual strain; the symptoms are less varied in character, and more

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the eye. "Whatever explanation may be offered of this fact by the

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not be regular. Then an odd number of swings is counted : +4.2,

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hypothesis, and to refuse to accept a case as alopecia areata if an organism

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are capable, under certain influences at present not well understood,

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and tending even in the most severe cases gradually to die out in the

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40 per cent of the total females, giving a proportion of 62 per cent in

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dysmenorrhcea which often accompanies an ill-developed uterus. The

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idrosis, and some depression of spirits. Dr. Crocker doubts whether such

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derick of Prussia was as careful with the breed of his sol-

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contractures accompanied with much pain are described. Less commonly,

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alcohol ; tourniquet ; an alcohol lamp or Bunsen burner ;

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such as tippling, insidious poisoning by lead, influenza, or malaria, gout,

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and morbid conditions of the uterus and ovaries. It was in a series of

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themselves into a somewhat similar state of debility, which, however, in

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can be used. Carefully clean the cutting blades after use

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pain which sometimes exists in the lower limbs, where these are rigidly

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to the patient's comfort. A thorough action of the bowels must be

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some rare Diseases of the Skin, London, 1889, p. 31 et seq, — 4. Reale, Ant. Oiorn,

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brain. The capacity of brain-centres to be formed into (diatactic) unions,

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savage an alternation of orgies of gluttony with intervals of starvation, is

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the physician; to treat hysteria as organic disease may prolong and

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treat in the initial stage is hypersemia of the superior cerebral cortex,