About two-thirds of an inch of the long axis of the bowel and
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Protective inoculatioii against typhoid has been tried with gratify-
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and extensively elaborated, and an enormous literature has
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Jura districts, visiting the spas and health resorts, including,
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defined, and as other factors connected with artificial immunity here
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cause pyrexia and general malaise, and in a number of instances the
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Treatment — ^The affected part should be placed at rest. Repeated
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should be a white precipitate. The addition of glycerin (TTlx to the
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cases, the smallness of the organ, and its concomitant mobility,
I do not here refer to ordinary inverted tracings because
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may be seen to be of a dull white colour. This area is sharply
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we do not claim for this, or any other operation, infallibility
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"At the tenth hour after the initial dose of morphine is given, the
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infiltration has completely disappeared. The hair in psoriasis is
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in water of chemically pure glycerine, and afterwards storing the
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can usually be found, and, if this is felt to be carious, it should
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The work is richly illustrated with excellent diagrams. Some parts seem to
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Causes. — Stunmer and early autumn season, sudden changes in
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certain tropical countries the presence of the round worm or of
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ment. Occasionally it happens that paresis remains for an indefinite
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Cause. — The exciting cause is the microorganism, already men-
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may be distended with a mucous exudation, a condition known
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inhalation of dust and irritating gases may also induce the trouble.
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deleterious action of the pyrogallic acid. The writer had very
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Definition. — ^A functional disorder of the sweat glands, character-
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Causes. — Obscure. Nervous prostration, general debility, hered-
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