of the same lung ; its occurrence in connection with pneumonia is not
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the milder narcotics should first be tried. Oj)ium should be reserved for
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In the passage of a gall-stone, and in renal colic, the patient throws him-
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Bacillus Jfallei.— Short, slender bacilli, resembling tubercle. Found
Cause. — There is usually an anterior condition of the fifth lumbar.
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continue after the fever has subsided. So long as it is confined to the
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7. Ankylosis. By the old method of treatment, ankylosis was the
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of cell-formative jjrocesses are established. Some are produced in the plas-
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Meningitis is another disease which small-pox, in its initial stage, resem-
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in severity with the intensity of the congestion. A syphilitic history and
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and coldness of extremities, constant sleepiness, and often muscular twitch-
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pearance. If any serum exudes it gravitates to the most dependent por-
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lowed by snpiDuration, but at the autopsy a tbict, tougb, fibrous mass is
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localized emphysema may give rise to exaggerated resonance even when
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the discharges from the bowels apparently give relief to the patient. In
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pain is present it is not characteristic. There may be no change in the