ance until death occurs or convalescence is established. In typhoid fever
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innominate artery, an incision should be made alono- the lower one-
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ments. There is not much deformity at the elbow. Pressure over the
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gain in weight will sometimes immediately follow the administration of a
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from the corners of the mouth, excoriating the parts with which it comes
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empyema occurs as a complication of septicaemia or pyaemia, its commence-
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ing which revaccination will afford complete protection is not the same in
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Senile emphysema differs from the variety which has just been described
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and after middle life. Active brain workers are more liable to it than
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abortive in a certain proportion of cases by xx. to xl. grains of qivinine daily, and even when this result has
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stool, they may return voluntarily, or they may be so large as to require
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stantly employed during the acute stage. The prostration which occurs
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Treatment.— The treatment is osteopathic and surgical. The osteo-
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■■' Lebert puts five to seven days, and 'Mnrchison says, " no longer than twelve days '" for the period of
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were one piece, as in emphysema, and the chest movements are restricted.
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best treatment is to ligature the base of the polypus with a stout silk
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middle ear and come out of the external ear. Blood extravasations
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aspirated above the pubes: afterwards the organic stricture may be ap-
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Displacement of bones consists in partial or complete dislocations.
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may be developed during the desquamative period of scarlet fever. Under
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pushed below its normal position, and all of the abdominal viscera crowded
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jects would excite simple enteritis may in this class predispose to tuber-
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case clots adhere to its walls. Cardiac muscular fibres are found in the
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is said to have occurred in from ten to twelve days in very acute cases.
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is to control muscular spasm, and in a large proportion of cases it fails to
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women, but that the disease is the result of a specific contagion which
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not. During paroxysms of pain, when the appendix is endeavoring to
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it is important to remember that there are three distinct anatomical
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stored. The area of anesthesia will be lessened as anastomosis and col-
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lung may be compressed to one-eighth of its normal size, and assume a
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existence. By insjjeclion there will be noticed a bulging of the intercostal
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primary seat, where the inflammation slowly ceases as it advances else-
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las shows a red inflamed area. Traumatic or spreading gangrene is at