more pronounced the day before death, and consequently the

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These powders, however, must not be strewn in fresh wounds

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441 ; The Treatment of Diseases in Children (G. A. Sutherland), 442 ;

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Treatment — In all cases, regardless of the cause, a hypodermic

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tender, and afterwards may suppurate. This is not really a septi-

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the opposite side. From its resemblance to the loud, strong, quick

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XV to XXX (i to 2 c.c), well diluted, should be given immediately

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in infective endocarditis than in typhoid fever. In doubtful cases

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and feeble pulse, epigastric pulsation, throbbing of the blood vessels

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recovery is not common. Under more favorable circumstances, the

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of the following composition were administered in the 24

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for nephropexy, only the kidney and its pedicle can be exa-

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I am as yet not only not inclined to abandon the use

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that, on the whole, especially in large towns, sanitation is

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cause, v.'hich accounts both for mental abnormality and for

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eulous changes elsewhere; and leukemias do not present the same

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orrhages recurring daily, a combination of cupric sulphate, gr. H2

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The only satisfactor}'- test of the efficiency of any therapeutic

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other diseases of the scalp by its occurrence in children, in the shape

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symptoms to attract the attention. Renal colic is manifested

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intestine, during which the mucous membrane to a variable extent

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ing may be present during the exacerbations. In most cases the

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6 inches wide, for stuffing and closing the edges of the dressing, for

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of being very adherent to the skin, and which can only be removed by the

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diseases. The cases of children of school ages, for which this

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thirty and fifty-five years of age, and in the male more frequently

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every day; soiled linen must be soaked in a disinfectant solution