the mental condition ; for instance, parental alcoholism and
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per cent of autopsies on patients dying of dysenteiy; and in as many
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and after a short time difficulty of breathing, which ultimately
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mucous membranes. There is swelling and ulceration of the gums
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ntunerous nucleated red blood corpuscles are present. The leukocytes
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extend far inland, or to high altitudes, or where the temperature is
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of the results, obtained by the more crucial method of Reach,
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ip) Diminished atmospheric pressure — mountain sickness.
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of medicine, declared by examining boards to be possessed
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sac becomes dilated, and chronic pericarditis is produced.
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Treatment — In all cases It is extremely necessary first to improve
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inspirator}^ gradually becomes expiratory as well. With each
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be employed. Hyoscine and chloral may also be used. These
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different effects produced in animals by inoculation, and partly
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the depression and foreboding give rise to the delusion. The delu-
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down and to the left. It is stronger and more or less diffused —
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vitality lowered by the action of irritant material or removed altogether
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to have disappeared. The sound is diagnostic of the first stage
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millions have died of the plague, there is a danger of over-
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dition of the left ovary, found by Mr. Waring at the operation.
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failed, now lifting the wasted body from bed to bed, now
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salivar)' glands of the opposite side. When, as occasionally happens,
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appointments, which Harrison, without consulting any one,
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caused by simple endocarditis, i.e. h}-pertrophy and dilatation of the