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whether these bear any causal relation to the disease.
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Definition. — ^A contagious, vegetable parasitic affection of the
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The presence of dust and oil on the face, uncleanliness, contact with
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character and date of the appearance of which are of extreme im-
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No bacteriological investigations have been as yet communicated
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influenza; the chief points of difference are shown in the following
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aise, rheumatoid pains, anorexia, etc. This is followed by the
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given this drug in large doses, such as a drachm, but, as Edsall
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orbit, are those connected with injury, such as a fracture of the
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small size of the heart, neurotic temperament, and persistent, high
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most minute details of the case. The following formulas are recom-
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headache,' h3rperemic headache, dyspeptic or bilious headache,
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in the disease: or, with signs of deep nervous depression, the patient
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children, the pernicious effect of a fresh rheumatism may some-
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headache, muscular pains, and other ner\-ous symptoms, are attributable
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hospitals that the tendency for the disease to extend to the sur-
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of clonic spasm and dyspncea. The mere occurrence of palsy of
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inflamed membrane returns to its normal condition very shortly,
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rapid appearance and disappearance of the lesion; urticaria perstans,
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Tables II. and III. in the Appendix bring out the extent of
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common to the two diseases. But in pneumonia, if there is pain,
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tained directly over the fluid, while above the effusion the percussion-
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about one-eighth to stricture and tumors. In the small intestine
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the idea of suturing the uterus to the anterior abdominal wall
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intestine (Beyer's patches and solitary glands), accumulations of these
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parasites may be summed up as follows : — (i) The cycle of development
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movements, convulsive seizures, and pruritus of the anus and
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at large tend to recur at irregular intervals ; and in many of the
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of a gunmia may cause stenosis of natural passages, notably the
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Blood-casis are composed of coagulated blood and blood cells,
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the dorsal position is assumed; and enlargement of the superficial
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a large collection of manure, not only outside, but also inside
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be found to be most beneficial. The continuance of the ipecacu-