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cavity is being scraped, the finger should be inserted into the
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very movable, was explored by an incision into the convex
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in all cases. "Perforating ulcers" of the feet, circtunscribed loss of
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present state of medical, and, of course, of public opinion.
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more rarely, from cerebral or pulmonary hemorrhage. Peliosis
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which are held in a firm spasm. Gradually tonic spasms develop
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termed edema, and when generalized it is known as anasarca.
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plan is to apply pledgets of cotton soaked in a solution of adrenaline
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Treatment — ^There is no specific treatment. The disease is self-
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skin, convulsions, drowsiness, coma, and death. The affection seldom
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Prognosis. — ^The affection never proves fatal in itself, but one or
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It produces an agglutination reaction with the blood of dysenteric
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however, the working capacity of the heart is reduced, owing
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The application of blisters, the size of a silver dollar, arotmd the
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abdominal distention and tenderness, emaciation, and the character-
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iar; it is not the 'snoring' of apoplexy, but a sharp, hissing sound
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attack of acute pain and swelling five months previously, but,
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of leukocytes being relatively diminished. Eosinophiles, myelocytes,
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granular, their shape disfigured and their chromatic bodies absent
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the latter organs may be infected from a source arising from tuber-
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Case. — C. S., a married woman, a3t. 23 years, came under
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hair, changes in the nails, • and local sweatings are the more
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at Panama, in Brazil, and in the Sandwich Islands. In Africa cases
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more or less impaired, and often for a long time. Various nervous
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temperature has remained normal or subnormal throughout the
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lowing points will aid: Long-continued persistent headache, without
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Greographical distribution. — Leaving the epidemic dysen-
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Definition. — A chronic degeneration of the lateral pyramidal
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imperfect antiseptics and the like, now comparatively rare, then played
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to Mr. Haffkine, one of the most brilliant scientists of the day.