sions, strabismus, and oscillation of the eyeballs. Intervals of
may be nausea, vomiting, and tenesmus. Constipation is usually
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then those of the extremities, and finally the respiratory muscles,
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Perhaps the very best local application is tincture of belladonna
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emias are erythema simplex and erythema intertrigo.
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The first stage is marked by congestion and irregularly diffused
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Hilton believed that the accumulation of fluid constituting this
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in character), choking, and regurgitation of food. It may be excited
deep inspiration, and it is bisected by the pleural space. The angle
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rule the enlarging papule bursts through the epidermis and discloses
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below the average in intelligence or morals, and these observers
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Burkhardt,^' in 1888, advocated an external excision for the
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of Doctor in the University of Oxford. By Frederick Pitcairn
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contracted pupils, embarrassed respiration, repeated vomiting
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Description. — An acquired condition characterized by areas devoid
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In all cases the patient should be supported by the administration
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are so well marked that there is but little practical difficulty in
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swelling is indurated. In som.e cases no softening occurs, and the
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and atropine gr. Kso shotild be administered hjrpodermically and
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ether, or better, perhaps, hypodermic injections of strychnine (gr,
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central black point, the opening of the sebaceous duct (acne punctata).
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oclored, add urine containing an excess of uric add and urates, and
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a child under one year of age, has never been out of doors for
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the face ; there the rash is represented by a red flush, which,
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behind the plica triangularis, or in the crypts, or may be due
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chronic tubal nephritis; chronic albtuninuria; large white kidney.
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From diabetes insipidus it may be separated by the presence ei
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previously described, can not be carried out. It is still less suitable
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They are of two kinds: cutaneous reflexes and tendon reflexes.
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showed that a coil of small intestine was obstructed by the
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in serum peptone broth, be injected at first in small quantities and then
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{Posterior Basic Meningitis, Suppurative Meningitis. )
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