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the head of the humerus necrosis was also to be seen, but not to the

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was normal. No tumour could be felt, nor did he at any part com-

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knows is perspicaceous and regards it as a detestable

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nearly three weeks. On the 27th April it showed symptoms suggestive

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rupture had occurred at the thin part ; the right lobe alone contained

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was "alert and faithful" in performing his duty, His

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acute febrile diseases as furnished by medical records

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was a wound discharging viscous, offensive pus. Around this wound

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used in the latest wars, including the American railway hospital cars

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plications, such as diffuse congestion of both lungs, oedema, suppura-

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has so suddenly blazed up in mid-Europe will cheat many a doctor out

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be a glioma. On cutting through the central line of the cerebellum

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after the operation, tlie bowels acted copiously, with complete relief ; and

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rights of Universities to deprive them of the power of granting degrees

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ference with circulation, secretion, and nutrition in the substance of the

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woman recovered whilst taking it, but whether as a consequence would

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spleen was also very large; but neither of these viscera contained any

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A peculiar signification is given to the term "consen'ative" by Sir

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Vanadic acid, vanadate of soda, and vanadine have all been studied,

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remained up long enough to turn round, when it again lay down ; soon,

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attack men only, others oxen ; some the old, others only

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long pause are usually normal. This murmur may extend not only

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left lung. There was dulness, with diminished tactile vocal fremitus

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the bullet is also kept, and shows its sides fluted by the bone thiough

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During this epidemic seventeen cases of dropsy have come under my

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Nocard were able to transmit human tuberculosis to the Gallinaceae,

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to the objection that the histological characters of human tubercle

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As a general rule, chronic myocarditis follows the acute form.

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as to admit of four members elected by the profession from England,

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special disturbance in a dog weighing 17 lbs. 3 oz., into whose

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ment of June the skin over this part became thickened and covered

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153. A ten-year-old gelding with quittor, entered hospital October

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nection with the scapula a new deposit of bone had occurred just above

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necrotic tissue, careful curettage of the base of the wound, and anti-

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