and placed in a cool place for twenty-four hours. The uric add
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exception of the terminal fan-shaped expansion, there was
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Symptoms. — ^The persistent and manifold symptoms of indiges-
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so ill-developed, and the family history so dubious, that a confident
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deep inspiration or by coughing; the pain also radiates toward the
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treating the child, had used "water injections," and reported
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the diastolic expansion and obliterates the second sound.
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of an anaesthetic, may cause a leakage when the surrounding
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nephrorrhaphy, and found that 57*8 per cent, were cured.
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benzol. One or 2 drops added to 5 c.c. of the gastric filtration will
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coma supervenes, and the case soon proves fatal. Cadaveric lividity
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of the finer bronchial tubes of tough mucus, which obstructs the
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for example, there are certain common substances by the actioB of which
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mission, neither do Syme's instructions convey the last word
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always difficult to determine, depending upon the cause, tempera-
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days, and, at his own request, an exploratory laparotomy was
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ish yellow in color. The number of crusts varies from very few to
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the toxins, deprived of their bacilli, are employed. As in the
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the glottis; in the tertiary stage from disease of the brain, spinal
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Quarantine. — ^A child who has been exposed to infection by this
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shrunken limbs or is drawn tightly over the joints; the abdomen is
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Clogg, H. S. : Inguinal hernia in children ----- 364
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The urine is scanty and contains urates and pigment. Examination
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A murmur heard with the first sound of the heart, high-pitched,
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diminished. In tiie hemorrhagic form, blood is present in the urine.
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and shows marks of the teeth. The bowels are constipated and the
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moderate delirixmi, coma, chorea, epileptiform convtilsions, etc.
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employed the percentage will be 0.25. This result is obtained by
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tenule adult (personal observatioii). eggi, <M male and [emale of nataial
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pepsia indicate withholding l^e alcohol.. Arsenic is of great value
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effusion, compensatory emphysema, tumors of the abdomen or chest,
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signs of pulmonary congestion, which can often be seen in
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The prognosis must depend chiefly on the severity of the symptoms,
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For gastric sjonptoms the following is an excellent formula:
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follow his usual avocation and walks about during the whole or a
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doses (to adults), in glycerine and water, after meals. If the heart
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