germ of yeast, say, is introduced into any fluid which contains the

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quantity of urine passed ; and vomiting. The last - mentioned

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measures recommended* under Acute Leptomeningitis may be of

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advantage, the quinine being given during the temporary abate-

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ated mercury, ichthyol, and bichloride of mercury are also useful at

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reliable grounds, that such spots in tuberculous subjects are in-

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The writer has employed almost every drug recommended for

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trophy and cardiac dilatation are considered linder those conditions.

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Muscular sense, or sense of position ^ is the sense by which we

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The poles of the bacilli stain, while the middle portions do not; so that

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a Greek, occupation, shoeblack. At 45, was admitted to

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blowing murmur of early-diastolic or of presystolic time. In some

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which stain pale green with the Ehrlich-Biondi solution. Micro-

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irritation. The teeth loosen and may fall out. The breath is ex-

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youngest child in my series was 6 weeks old, its abscess

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irritation of the superior larjmgeal nerve — ^the afferent nerve — ^whose

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(preferably) cremation. Attendants on cholera patients should

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is rapid : secondly, the presence of a source of infection, whether it

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the Empress of Germany, in order to forward the interests of

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the pure cultures the respective "weak" (first) and "exalted"

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infant by suckling it ought to be incurred. The great mortality

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tion and is observed after the ingestion of an animal diet, in ileus,

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lamination can be made out. In diphtheritic croup membrane

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from Dr. Brand is that she is quite well, the weight fully

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generally accepted, the theor>^ of the expansion of the heart

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frequently involved than the left side. The shape of the organ is .

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tendency toward atonic dyspepsia, flatulency, and constipation in

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Sodium phosphate may be substituted for the sodiiun

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notably Vera Cruz, Havana, Santiago de Cuba, San Domingo, and

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unfavorable. The secondary contraction of the kidneys must always

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able. The majority of cases, indeed, of reported recovery from

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could be readily seen, but it was often impossible to differen-