of the liver, and the tumour felt consisted of the liver plus
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■ Arthritis^ like secondary tonsillitis, usually affects adults and
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Symptoms. — The attack begins rather suddenly with a feeling erf
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The appearance of curds in the stools indicates that the quantity of
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the abscess. On the 17th, retention of urine was present, after
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one, but no chemical substance, which might have had this
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several times daily to prevent accumulation and consequent decompo-
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lenticulo-striate set of arteries, branches of the Sylvian artery-^-
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ing, the clot going through what may almost be spoken of as suppu-
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said to occur most frequently in those suffering from wasting diseases,
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greatly exaggerated, causing the affection to simulate other febrile
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whom the disease is most prevalent. It is not improbable that the
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Ho to Ho (o.ooi to 0.002 gm.), every two hours. Two or more
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along the spine (the lower part of the abdomen, and ovarian region
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to the febrile state. In the intestines, however, a distinct enlarge-
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digitalis and strychnine sulphate, or citrated caffeine, the last two
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and paralysis of ocular muscles. The temperature and pulse record
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as the treatment is identically the same. In the case of very
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and consequent injury to the vessel wall, was the principal
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be tolerated with safety. According to Paul Bert all life is destroyed
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or PUaria nocturnd) the adult male is 83 mm. long and 0.4 mm. wide;
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The room in which the patient is confined should be well ventilated
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Prognosis. — The outlook is often unfavorable. Treatment should
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terized by irregular spasmodic fibrillary movements of groups of
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anaesthetic, any foreign body removed, and any inflamed or sup-
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investigation there is scarcely any department of natural science,
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the prize, and was influenced by the thought that a handbook of
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are commonest at the times when interstitial keratitis usually
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Pathological Anatomy. — In the majority of cases the ulcer is